A Guide to Packing Box Sizing

A Guide to Packing Box Sizing
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One of the keys to packing your belongings for self-storage is to find the right-sized boxes. Use these tips to properly pack everything before it goes into the self-storage facility.

Determine the Number of Boxes Needed

Your box size will depend on how many items you are going to place into your self-storage unit. A small box will only fit about 1/7 of the belongings that can fit inside a studio apartment. If you have five bedrooms that you are planning to pack into boxes, you are going to need at least twenty-five small boxes. A medium and a large box together will fit one-third of an entire studio apartment. If you are looking to store belongings from five bedrooms, you will need about eighteen medium boxes or twelve large boxes. You might find that a combination of sizes helps you best pack the items you are planning to put into storage.

Self Storage San Jose
Self Storage San Jose

Use Dish Pack Boxes

Placing your dishes into specially-made dish pack boxes will keep them safer in storage. You generally only need two dish pack boxes to store all the dishes in a studio apartment. Larger homes will probably only need three dish pack boxes.  You’ll need more if you have many dishes you want to store.

Spring for Wardrobe Boxes

Using wardrobe boxes for any clothes or coats you want to keep in your storage unit will better protect them from insects and other pests. If you are only planning to store the contents of one small coat closet, you likely only need one or two wardrobe boxes. However, you might need seven or eight boxes if you want to pack up a few large closets.

Get all of the packing supplies you need at Self Storage San Jose. With personal storage units and room for storage, we have the capability to safely store your belongings until you’re ready for them. Call us at 408-492-1960 for more information or visit our website to find the location closest to you!


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