Advantages and Disadvantages of LinkedIn Private Mode

Advantages and Disadvantages of LinkedIn Private Mode
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LinkedIn is a great social media platform you can use for many purposes. LinkedIn is great for networking, marketing and building new business relationships. LinkedIn allows you to share your knowledge and experiences with others.

Do you know anything about LinkedIn’s private mode, however? What is the process? How does it work? What does that mean for your profile?

Learn everything you need to know about LinkedIn’s private modes and how to use them.

What is LinkedIn Private Mode?

LinkedIn Private can be used to conceal your activity on LinkedIn and allows you to browse anonymously. This feature allows you to view anonymously other profiles. Go to these guys for more info.

LinkedIn Private Mode – What will you get?

If you enable the private mode and visit any other person’s profile or page, they will not be able to identify you. Instead, they will view you as an Anonymous Member on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s private mode function is useful if you don’t wish to share your data with others. LinkedIn also offers visibility options beyond the private mode. These options include:

Public Version: Other people can see your name, LinkedIn Tagline, profile picture and occupation.

Semi-private mode: Other people can see your occupation, current job title, location, and organization.

Private mode: No other information is shared when browsing in private mode

How do I enable LinkedIn Private Mode?

LinkedIn Private Mode can be accessed from both your smartphone and computer.

Use Private Mode on Desktop Computer

These steps will enable LinkedIn Private Mode to be activated on your desktop or laptop.

  • Log in to LinkedIn first.
  • Click the drop-down menu located in the upper right section.
  • Select ‘Accounts’ and then click ‘Settings’.
  • Click on Privacy at the top and then click on the “How others see my LinkedIn” option.
  • If this is the case, you might be able to see an older version LinkedIn. Click on the Visibility tab in the left menu. Select Visibility of your network and profile.
  • Next, click the Change button beside the viewing options.

LinkedIn saves all changes automatically. It doesn’t matter if you choose semi-private or private mode. This will disable the “Who viewed my profile” option and erase your LinkedIn history.

Using Private Mode Via Mobile:

When should you turn off the private mode

Follow these steps to activate LinkedIn Private Mode on your mobile device instead of your computer.

  • Open the official LinkedIn app for your mobile device and tap the profile button.
  • Next, go to “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and you will see the “Visibility” option.
  • You can choose from this menu to view your profile.
  • You can choose from one of three browsing modes: Semi-private, Public, or Private.

When should you turn off the private mode

If you want to generate revenue for your company, never browse LinkedIn in private mode. It enhances your presence and helps to catch their attention when prospects see your personal details such as name, tagline and image in the notification.

In private mode, you wear a mask to browse LinkedIn and go into a social event. LinkedIn is a network that allows you to connect online. So why hide your identity?

If you use LinkedIn to search for new clients, make sure they are familiar with you and what you are searching for. The private mode is not recommended unless you spy on your competitors.

How to make the most of private mode

You can choose to keep your LinkedIn identity private if you want to be anonymous. However, it is important to use the Private mode smartly and adhere to certain rules. We’ll be sharing some tips and tricks that will allow you to get the most out of private mode.

For Beginner Users

The Private mode is a great option for beginners and new users of LinkedIn. These features make you invisible to others and allow you to build your network anonymously.

If you’re looking for work and don’t want your employer or colleagues to know, we recommend the Private Mode.

For Recruiters

LinkedIn Private Mode is an option for recruiters and HR representatives who want to hire new employees. Private Browsing Mode can be used to search for and compile a list suitable candidates. You can then switch to the public to reach those shortlisted candidates.

For advanced LinkedIn users

You might prefer to remain anonymous if you’re an expert LinkedIn user. This is possible using the Private Mode. It allows you to view other profiles while using it. You can then switch back to normal mode to allow others to see your credentials.

Final: Should you use private mode?

LinkedIn is all about networking and expanding your network to discover new opportunities.

We recommend that you do not use the private mode. If you do want to use it however, don’t keep it open for too long.

Remember, when someone is notified that you have viewed their LinkedIn profile they will likely respond by viewing yours in return.

If you have a fully optimized profile, and treat it as your company’s landing page (or a combination thereof), they may send you a request for connection. If you are using Private Mode, however, this will not happen. Because no one wants to be identified as an anonymous.

LinkedIn’s private mode, however, is the best option if you are concerned about your privacy, spying on your competitors or conducting valuable research.

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