Discount Hartford Show Tickets

Discount Hartford Show Tickets
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Seeking discount Hartford show tickets? Read reviews of some of the hottest Hartford shows on and off the strip and find the best deals on show tickets now.

Finding tickets to the Hartford shows does not have to be difficult at all and in most cases if you are paying top dollar you are being taken for a ride. Let me give you a recent example. My aunt was looking for a show to go to with a friend of hers and she was quoted $300 per ticket. I told her to put her credit card down and let me do just a bit of research.

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Literally within seconds, I had found her equally fantastic seats to those exact same shows for half the price. Buying Hartford tickets at retail prices is for suckers.

The distributors on this site specialize in giving you discounts on the hottest shows in Hartford. And right now the deals are hotter than ever. Due to the slight dip in the economy, these shows are suffering. So these dealers are able to buy even more of the show discounts in bulk and pass the discounts on to you.

Here are some of our favorite Hartford shows – The Harlem Globetrotters, Mumford and Sons. You literally can not go wrong with any of these shows. They will blow away any preconceived notions of what a Hartford show is like and raise the bar forever.

If you love magic shows then go for the Mac King Comedy Magic show at Harrahs, if you want an afternoon show. He truly will amaze you while making you laugh until your sides split. He is one of the best slight of hand magicians in Hartford. For a bigger magic style show go see Copperfield or Lance Burton. They are both excellent with bigger than life magic type shows.

And if hypnotists are your thing, go see either Marc Savard or Anthony Cools, where you won’t know whether to be mystified or laugh until you fall off of your chair. Both of these stage hypnotists are master entertainers.

For comedy shows go see Carrot Top or the amazing Jonathan or even Rita Rudner.


And if you want a Hartford style production and don’t mean seeing a bit of skin, Jubilee is a topless show done with Hartford flare.

Let’s face it. There are tons of shows to choose from in this amazing town. If you miss one show while you are staying there don’t worry there are hundreds of others available and all have to be top notch to play in this town. The competition is fierce.

Better Midler just added her act to the mix and has already sold out for most of her shows. In cases like this, play with the dates. Be flexible. You may end up paying a bit more but do your research and compare sites. Nothing is impossible in Hartford.


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