6 Steps to Planning a Successful Custom Renovation Process

6 Steps to Planning a Successful Custom Renovation Process
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Custom Renovations we want you to feel at ease and confident from the moment we meet. We understand that everyone is unique, and with years of experience, we’ve developed options to ensure each client receives the level of service that best suits their needs.

At custom renovations Calgary understand that many clients need assistance with design, planning a budget, and selections – and we’re here to help!

The end result provides you with a Firm Contract value in the middle of a transparent Scope of labor whereas respecting your budget and achieving your dreams.

While taking care of the custom renovations Calgary details, we keep things simple, clear and thorough. Our commitment to you is to supply creativeness, ingenuity, and steering as we have a tendency to explore style choices at intervals your investment vary, therefore we are able to offer the proper resolution at a price you can afford. All of this is done before you commit to a quick possession homes calgary companies.

1) Initial Consultation

Understanding your project, lifestyle, vision, and goals.

  1. Scope of work is discussed
  2. Investment range (budget) is determined
  3. Style, materials, and options are discussed
  4. The Design Agreement is explained so you know exactly what to expect
  5. If you opt to proceed with the look Agreement, the nominal fee ranges from $250 to $5,000 reckoning on the quality of your Project

2) Inspired Design & Budget Development

We refine your project until you are completely satisfied.

  1. Comprehensive site investigation and measurements
  2. Zoning and other requirements are addressed
  3. Conceptual, easy to visualize, 3D drawings are developed with associated costs

3) Finalizing the Details

We finalize the details and costs. Clients will receive:

  1. a style that works for your distinctive family and manner
  2. a firm, mounted value for your contract and careful scope of labor
  3. a clear understanding of the process and timelines
  4. The Construction Contract is prepared and signed

4) Pre Construction Preparation

Behind the scenes, preparation gets underway.

  1. We guide you through the product selections for flooring, cabinetry, etc.
  2. Your Project Binder is prepared to ensure details are captured
  3. Locates and Building Permits are obtained
  4. Final product selections are made
  5. Materials are ordered
  6. We select the team to complete your project

5) Construction

This is the most exciting stage for some of our clients!

  1. Meet the key people in charge of your Project
  2. We review what you can expect as construction begins and address any concerns you may have.
  3. Regular communication with your Lead Carpenter and Project Manager ensuring your questions are answered and the work is on schedule.
  4. The work areas are kept clean and safe and your home is secure during the  construction process.
  5. If changes are made, you will receive written Change Orders, keeping you informed of any additional costs or credits along the way.

6) Completion and Living Your Dream!

Your Project is completed on time and on your budget.

  1. Final walkthrough together with your Project Manager to deal with any queries or considerations, making certain your complete satisfaction
  2. You receive your Warranty, one of the best in the Industry
  3. Relax and enjoy your beautifully renovated living space!

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