The Benefits Of Hiring A Catering Company For Your Event

The Benefits Of Hiring A Catering Company For Your Event
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How Calgary Catering Company has grown leaps and bounds today?

Gather catering is one of the best catering company, Canada which caters to Guests with great passion and commitment. It is the brainchild of husband and wife duo, Newell Orfei and Camilla Sherret!

They have worked hard to establish this Calgary catering company. The boutique catering company has built a strong reputation with innovative ideas, a professional team of Chefs, cooks, and serving staff!

 The couple has a mission to manage the event successfully and make the guests wine & dine effortlessly!

 About Camilla Sherret – Partner/Operations & event Manager

Event Services

 She is born & raised in Calgary and is very experienced in all venues of the hospitality industry for 20 years. She has worked extensively and has made her mark in Calgary, New York, Washington D.C, and Banff! She studied culinary arts at the Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan, New York!

 She got trained as a personal chef in restaurants in the Eastern United States! She got the opportunity to work for the New York Yankees, Lenny Kravitz, and Ralph Lauren.

Once, she returned to Canada, she opened Bison Restaurant & Lounge and became the owner & operator! The next step was returning to Calgary.

Newell and she worked with and managed high-level events and mesmerized her guests!

About Newell Orfei – Partner owner and chef from Calgary, Alberta.

 He is a self-trained chef and got trained as a culinary expert for more than 15 years! He worked in enormous restaurants and catering companies. He became a private Chef to high-end celebrities and corporate clients!

Newell attributes his success as a chef to three important things:  

His early influence of, from scratch, elevated food growing up within an Indo-Trinidadian and Italian heritage. His grandmother is his culinary mentor and is a great influencer!

He has worked extensively by traveling to Manila, in Philippines, Hong Kong, California, Mexico, and the West Indies!​ 

The Best team of Gather Catering Company:

Both husband & wife duo respects their team and has nurtured them well, by training them in various culinary expertise!

Carey Van Aswegan

She hails from Cape Town is with the owners for five strong years! she is a food management expert for 20 years with the utmost experience, planning events and coordinating with high standards of delivery!

 She is a graduate of the Olds College Hospitality & Tourism Management program!

 There are other renowned staffs like Britney Ryberg, Melanie Tapper, and Adam Williams!

Hiring A Catering Company

Britney is very passionate about events and has a rich experience of six years. Today, for ten years in the catering industry, she has learned the ropes of all aspects of catering!

Melanie Tapper is the Gather team’s Catering lead! She has worked as communications professional in the daytime and tries new food items, dishes.

Adam Williams is with the team since2013. He started his catering career in Calgary and has worked with the city’s top six catering companies for more than two years! 

The positive energy and professionalism of these staff have helped Gather Catering Company to become a successful Calgary Catering Company!

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