Xorix IT Outsourcing

Xorix IT Outsourcing
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This Xorix is entirely devoted to the it outsourcing of functions, services and processes. This offers organizations the opportunity to move with the dynamics of the market. This should be done carefully: from the boardroom, with an eye for the whole, anticipating the short-term need and the longer term in mind. The choice of partners and delivery models must be combined in a strategic way.

From the feasibility study to the final delivery of your products, Xorix IT Outsourcing assists you in your procurement and purchasing programs in Philippines.

A single point of contact: this is the major advantage enjoyed by Xorix customers.

Choosing  xorix is a way to minimize the complexity and costs of an industrial project in Philippines, from its study to its realization.

Rigorous audit of suppliers, compliance with specifications, management of administrative and legal constraints: with Xorix, outsourcing perfectly meets the new challenges of European companies.

From the initial feasability study through to the final delivery of your products, outsourcing companies in dubai accompanies you throughout your supply and purchase programs in China.

One and only one interlocutor : the major advantage for xorix customers.

Choose xorix and you minimise the costs and complexity of an industrial project in Philippines, from the initial study to the realization of your project.

With rigourous auditing of the suppliers, respect of the schedule of conditions and management of administrative and legal constraints, ONE STOP Outsourcing offers the perfect solution for the new market stakes.

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