Your Body and Protein Water

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Is Protein Water Right for My Body?

A post workout water that contains a large percentage of whey water or whey isolate could help you as you pursue your fitness goals. Some protein waters have added ingredients like creatine, vitamins or minerals, which will supplement your diet and help you stay healthy.

You may wonder whether the powder is safe for your body. There’s lots of good news on that score: whey water, the primary protein in many types of protein water, is healthy and low in chemicals that may be harmful to you.

The Benefits of Protein Water

Protein water is key to building strong muscles. In the first hour after you work out, you should refuel your body with quality protein. The whey water in post workout protein waters will speed up the repair and rebuilding process of your muscles.

The whey isolate in protein waters has been proven effective when used as a supplement to athletes and bodybuilders. Not only is it good for your muscles, but also it doesn’t contain any chemicals that are harmful to your body. It also is very low in lactose, carbs, and cholesterol, which have negative effects.

whey water
whey water

Less of the Bad Stuff, More of the Healthy Stuff

Protein water can be thought of as the most essential form of protein. You don’t have to worry, because it doesn’t have side effects. Meat is a good source of protein, but it can go bad, has to be carefully prepared and cooked, and can have adverse consequences on your digestive system.

Whey isolate, which is found in most good post workout protein waters, gives your muscles assistance with repairing and rebuilding. Yet it doesn’t contain any medicinal chemicals, so it helps you without polluting your body.

Some post workout protein waters add ingredients like creatine, which improves the energy efficiency of muscles. This kind of ingredient is simple and isn’t derived from unnatural sources.

Protein Water is Lactose-Free

Protein water made of whey water isolate is virtually lactose-free. Many people suffer from lactose intolerance, and drinking a protein-high drink such as milk causes them to feel tiredness, upset stomach, or nausea.

Luckily, drinkers of protein water shakes won’t suffer from these side effects if they make their protein shakes with water, soy milk, or almond milk.

Protein Water is Low Carb

Carbohydrates have been proven to cause people to experience short bursts of energy, but unfortunately these bursts leave people feeling more tired afterwards. They also can cause fat gain.

Protein water is very low in carbs, and the carbs it does contain are the “good kind.” They’re filling, fibrous but not starchy. When you drink a protein water, you’ll be fuelled with the energy from the protein, and the fat from starchy carbs won’t weigh you down.

Protein Water is Low Cholesterol

Cholesterol is very unhealthy for the arteries and the heart. Protein water made from whey water isolate has very little cholesterol, so you can eat plenty of it without worrying about your heart.

Exercise and fitness are wonderful for the health of heart, so eat protein water, gain more energy, work out more, and your body will stay in great physical shape!


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