Creating a business plan and starting your successful pool plastering business

If you are one of those people who simply love their independence and likes working with their hands, then maybe a pool plastering job is the right fit for you. We’ll be honest, not very many people like working out in the sun. Today, we live in a society that is so complacent and used to a sedentary kind of lifestyle that ‘working with your hands’ is something that many frown upon.

Which is a shame! There is a lot to be gained from working with your hands. For starters, it cultivates your creativity and gets your moving about, which is wonderful for your health. But we digress. Owning a pool plastering business is an excellent idea. Especially now that more and more people are slowly getting back into buying homes again and trying to make them as comfortable and luxurious as possible.

What would you need to start a pool plastering/remodeling company?

Like any other company, you need to have a business plan. Before you jump into any kind of investment that will cost you money and time, you need to be able to see the whole picture, from start to finish. Which is where a business plan comes into play. But more about that a little later. There are a few other things you will need as well:

  • A business license
  • Skimmer
  • A water test kit
  • A host of cleaning chemicals
  • Leaf rakes
  • Scrub brushes
  • Truck or any other large vehicle to haul things about
  • Excellent marketing materials

Above all this, you will need an incredible ‘can-do’ spirit and absolute determination. Of course, some experience as a pool boy might not hurt. Being that this is a hands-on kind of career path that will require tangible results, having some know-how will come in great handy. Of course, just because you haven’t been a pool boy before in your life doesn’t mean that you are automatically disqualified from starting your own pool remodeling and plastering business. As long as you are willing to put in the time to research and learn the craft, you should be good to go.

Starting the pool business

In some states, you are required by to be certified by the public health department. Run a quick search on all the requirements that go with starting this kind of business in your own state just to be sure that you have all the legal paperwork in order before you roll out.

For example if you plan on pool remodeling in Westlake Village you would want to contact the county of Los Angeles Public health office to get all your necessary certifications.

You should know that starting this kind of business does not require a lot of capital. In fact, if you have somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,000, you should be good to go. You will need to buy some equipment, some cleaning chemicals and do a ton of marketing, but all that can be done cost effectively. With that being said, here is what you need to do:

Create your business plan

This will be the guiding light to your business efforts. You need to figure out everything you will need to make the business a success. Your business plan will include business fundamentals such as:

  • The kind of services you will offer.
  • Your marketing plan.
  • The kind of supplies you will need and how you will get them.
  • How much capital you will need based on the scale of business as well as legal requirements in your state. Also, how you will get that capital.
  • Which sector of the large field you will specialize in (private pools, apartment pools, commercial pools and so on).

While writing the business plan, conduct a quick research on your immediate competition and discern how you will differentiate yourself from them. What exactly will you be bringing to the table that makes you unique? Determine your pricing and see what kind of barriers to entry there are in your target market.

Come up with an inspiring name for the business

Your brand is the one thing that will do a lot of marketing for you even when you are asleep. The first thing people notice about your business is the name. Take the time to brainstorm industry appropriate names that instantly tell people about your business and what you do. The name should speak to your chosen clientele directly. For example, if you intend to work on luxury pools, choose a name that portrays class and affluence. Don’t make these mistakes when naming your business.

Get a license

Do not take on any clients unless you are fully licensed and certified. This is easy enough to do, just go down to your local city hall and request any and all necessary paperwork for starting and running your kind of business in that state. You also need to check with the local public health department to see if you need any kind of certification from them.

Get your gear ready

By ‘gear’ we mean everything that you will need to run this kind of business. From equipment, to personnel and even marketing material. Once you start talking to clients, assume that the first client you talk to will want to hire you on the spot. Now imagine if that happens and then you have to delay project commencement for weeks because you did not have the right equipment ready? Get your gear ready before you even start marketing yourself.

Market yourself like crazy

It is true that it will take time before your business catches on. How long it takes to do so will depend entirely on how strongly you market yourself. In order to create trust within your local community and target market, you need to portray yourself as an industry expert and thought leader. You can do this both digitally and physically:

It will take a great deal of work and ingenuity to get traction to your brand, but once you get your first customer, if you do a good job, they will be the key to getting the rest of your customers. Good word of mouth travels fast, especially within a small community of pool owners.

Diligence, persistence and hard work, this is what it will take to succeed in your pool plastering business. You need to be smart and consistent. Learn on the job and get better at every turn.

Features of a Good and Effective Business Plan

Very similar to the other write-ups, a business plan can either be good or bad. However, prior to knowing whether a business plan is good or bad, it is necessary for you to know what exactly is a business plan. A business plan, as implied, is a document specifying and discussing the following:

  • The identity and nature of a company
  • The purpose of existence or the objective of a company in relation to entrepreneurs and consumers.
  • Marketing strategies of a company
  • The products sold and offered by a company
  • Goals planned to be achieved by a company
  • The market that a company plans to conquer
  • The business future plans of a company
  • Financial standing of a company prior to its establishment

Considering the information available in a business plan, it can rightly be said that a business plan serves as a blueprint that helps businessmen in starting and managing businesses of different varieties regardless of their nature.

Factors to Consider when Preparing a Business Plan

A good business plan is basically an outline about a new assignment that delivers something exclusive or new in addition to keeping the practical and economic feasibility of the assignment in mind. There are some important factors that need to be considered when preparing a business plan. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the readers understand the fact that the business plan is a decision-making tool. Hence, care should be taken in ensuring that the business plan is accurate and to the point. When preparing a business plan, avoid looking at it from your very own perspective. It is necessary for you to concentrate on the fact that you will be serving a global market and therefore your plan should be made accordingly. Try bringing in calculations, details and facts about competitors in the same field and how your business plan is better in comparison to the plans of your competitors.


Keeping the above mentioned factors in mind will surely help you in grabbing business success through a well-written business plan. Your business plan should always be aimed towards determining the objectives and the goals that your company looks to accomplish in the near future. It should consist of valuable information about your company. Go for a business plan that actually draws in the attention of the people and not the one that only you and your employees can understand.